How To Use The Visual Flow Builder Insight For Understanding Performance in Chatixpro Chatbot

One of the most helpful features of is called Visual Flow Builder Insight. You would naturally be interested in learning about the analytics as well as the performance of the bots. Therefore, you need to have a better understanding of whether parts of the bots or bots itself work better than the rest.

You can make use of this Flow Builder Insight function in order to acquire more specific information regarding the operation of your bots or components of your bots. The Chatixpro Chatbot has this feature, which is deceptively straightforward but quite useful.
ChatixPro Insight


Every message includes a counter that keeps count of the number of subscribers, the percentage of messages that were successfully delivered, and the amount of time since the message was sent. You get access to the insights provided by the messaging bot.

ChatixPro Insight


In addition, the number of clicks, the number of subscribers, and any mistakes, if there are any, are all displayed within the component buttons of the button.

You now have the opportunity, thanks to the insight, to determine which elements of the bots or which bots itself are functioning perfectly. Get the ChatixPro Chatbot now.

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